Why is it so important to submit meter readings?

Homeshift sends you reminders to submit meter readings every month and you may wonder why we request them or why they are so important. This guide helps explain how they are helpful and why you should provide them regularly.

In 2016 up to seven million energy customers were providing readings less than once every three months, this resulted in unexpected bills of around £125 being sent to customers who were not paying enough for their consumption.



Get accurate bills

Providing readings each month means we can provide bills showing your exact usage. Without meter readings there is a chance that you are being charged more than you need to as we have to use generic industry data. 

Save money

Without readings we have to generate estimates based on the consumption history we have for your property. In some cases this information can be wrong or outdated meaning that you're paying more than you need to. 

Spot problems

Meter readings are a great way to identify problems with your meter, payments or billing of your account. Problems can go undetected for long periods of time when we are not provided with readings, which can make them a lot more difficult to resolve. 


Being greener

Being able to see how much energy you are using each month can help you be more energy efficient in the home. Switching out old appliances for energy efficient ones can help bring your energy costs down. 

Prevents unexpected bills

Homeshift will always try to ensure that your monthly direct debit matches your consumption, in order to do this we need regular meter readings.




Need help? If you are unsure of how to read your meter or submit your readings, check out our guide.






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