How do I submit a meter reading?

Submitting meter reads is an important part of managing your energy account and is so easy to do through the Homeshift dashboard using these simple steps:

  1. Log into Homeshift dashboard here.

  2. Select the energy card on your home page:   METER_READ_1.PNG
  3. Scroll down and select either ‘Electric meter readings’ or ‘Gas meter readings’ depending on which you are submitting

  4. If you are submitting an electricity meter readings and have an economy 7 meter, select ‘Add rate 2’ to add the additional reading.


  5. Select the date of the meter reading.
  6. Click Submit! 


If you are having difficulty getting a reading from the meter or submitting them, please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you. To find out more about why meter readings are important click here

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  • Hi i am unable to log my meter reading 


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