Energy Saving tips

Here are some energy saving tips that can help keep the costs down when it comes to your energy bills.

Short term savings:

1. Turn off standby appliances

If you can turn appliances off at the plug, you can save on average £30 a year.

You can use plug sockets that can be turned on and off via your phone, to make sure you switch unused appliances off.

You could also use cheaper timer plugs to schedule turning appliances off.

2. Turn down your thermostat

Did you know that almost half the money spent on energy bills is absorbed by heating and hot water costs?

Turning your heating down by just one degree could save you up to £80 a year.

3. Wash clothes at a lower temperature

By washing at 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees it can help reduce your energy usage, and if you can cut out one wash cycle per week you’ll clip £5 off your annual energy bill.

Long term savings:

1. Invest in double glazing

Double glazing insulates your home from the cold and helps reduce your heating bill, as well as keeping the noise out.

2. Upgrading your boiler

You can reduce your energy usage by getting a boiler upgrade. A new A-rated condensing boiler with a programmer, room thermostat, and thermostatic radiator controls will ensure that you can monitor your usage.

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