I have had my final bill from my old supplier and the meter readings don’t match our opening readings, and now I have a wrong final bill


When you switch suppliers, as your new supplier we are responsible for asking you for meter readings and getting them independently checked or 'validated'. Here you can read more about the validation process.

If you don't give us opening meter readings, or the reading you gave doesn't seem right, the validation company will create an estimated reading. Whether your reading or the estimate meter reading is used, the important thing about this process is that the same reading will be given to us and your old supplier/s, so that you are never charged twice for any energy.

What happens if you disagree with our opening meter reading?

If we have used an estimated readings, this is typically based on your meter's previous readings and previous usage. Of course estimates aren't always accurate (this is why it's always best to provide a meter reading a reading on switching and for your duration at the property), especially if historically very few readings have been submitted for your meter, or if you've not lived in the property for very long.

If you disagree with the estimated opening reading, we may be able to get this changed for you by 'disputing' the estimate.

What can be disputed?

We can only request to change readings used for switching (opening or closing readings), if they are significantly wrong (this is known as the reading being out of tolerance). According to energy industry rules, your meter reading must have a difference of more than 250 electricity units (kWh) for an electricity reading, or a difference of 39 imperial gas units (ft3) or 125 metric gas units (m3) for a gas reading.

Anything less than this, we will not be able to raise a dispute and it means that the estimate is sensible and could reasonably have been a reading taken around the time of your switch. The difference to you in cost will be very small.

What is the process to dispute a reading?

So we can raise a dispute to correct an estimated opening reading, we will need some information from you:

  • It would be useful, if have a record of your opening reading (perhaps you recently moved in and this is recorded in your check-in report), that you share the reading with us. This is the process used for  changing readings used for switching.
  • A picture of your current meter readings. Ideally, you'd send us two sets pictures of your meter readings 7 days apart, with the meter readings and meter the clearly visible (so we can read the serial number). This help to provide extra evidence, so we can prove that your estimate is wrong.

A new estimated reading will then be created using previous readings. If you are not sure what reading to provide, please send us a picture of all the visible screens and we can work out the correct reading for you.

It’s worth mentioning that the disputed reading process can be lengthy, often taking approximately 12 weeks.




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