What is the meter reading validation process?


On switching your energy supply to us; as your new supplier we will ask you for your meter readings. Your meter readings will then be sent for validation. This is a standard industry process that all suppliers follow. This is to check that your readings are (roughly) inline with what the energy industry expects.

Once these checks have been done, your readings are sent to your previous supplier, so you only need to give readings to us (your new supplier).

The process normally takes 2-6 weeks from when you provide us with your meter readings until your previous supplier gets them.

Who validates the meter readings ?

Gas and electricity readings are validated by different independent companies, so it’s normal for your previous supplier to get these at different times. If you have any concerns about your readings, please contact us.

The validation process

The process involves checking to ensure your opening reading is sensible by estimating your opening reading themselves (based on what the energy industry knows about your meter) and comparing the reading you've given against their estimate. If it's similar then your reading will pass validation.  If it’s remarkably different it will fail. If your opening reading fails validation, the independent validation company will tell both suppliers to use their estimated reading instead.

An estimated reading is calculated from your last known reading and adding on the estimated energy consumption they expect your meter to have used since then.

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