I would like my details deleted

This article sets out data deletion policy:

On occasions we will receive a request to delete data from any of our Customer Records Management Systems. Below provides a summary as to when we can delete your data and when circumstances when you data must be retained.

When we cannot delete your data:

  • If we provide you with a live service (any of our services).

  • If we have ever provided you with a service in the last 6 years, and the services have subsequently ceased this include where a customer has switched away and or change of tenancy.

  • If we took over your account erroneously and  we returned your account to your original supplier through the erroneous transfer process.

  • If you requested Homeshift internet, sent a modem and subsequently changed your mind.

  • If we liaised on your behalf with your local council or water company.

Homeshift are required to hold this data for regulatory and auditing purposes. Therefore, any request to delete any of the data listed in the scenarios listed above will be declined.

Customers data we can delete:

  • If you have never had an active account/live supply, with Homeshift or any of our energy partners.

  • Where we have been given incorrect information in relation to the resident / occupier and you have never been responsible for the property or services.

Correcting your data

Where we hold incorrect information, we will be able to correct and/or remove this data.

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