No Electricity? First step, check your fuse box…

Locate your fuse box and check to see if:

  • All switches in the fuse box are on?
  • If not, please see the steps below.

Follow these steps to see if you can get your power back on:

If a fuse has tripped: 

  1. Turn off all appliances at the plug socket
  2. Try to switch the fuse back on. If it stays on but the supply is still off, check you have not turned off the main switch on the fusebox.
  3. If the trip switch trips immediately, you have a fault with your wiring, an appliance or the fuse box.
  4. If you have a separate fuse box and trip switch, turn the fuse box off and turn the trip switch back on. The trip should then stay on.
  5. If the trip switches to the 'off' position again then you have a fault with the fuse box or the trip switch itself. You should contact an approved electrician for any further internal work. To find more information on this please visit NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting).



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