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What is the Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) process, and why does it affect me? 

You may be aware that our energy partner, Colorado Energy has ceased to be an energy supplier and has entered into the Supplier of Last Resort process. As a result, Ofgem, the energy regulator, has appointed Shell Energy as the new supplier for our energy customers. Shell Energy began supplying energy to all of Colorado Energy’s customers on 17th October 2021.

When an energy supplier stops trading or has decided to cease being an energy supplier, this is when the Supplier of Last Resort process kicks in.  

During this process customers needn’t worry, electricity and gas supplies will continue as normal as part of this process. The regulator Ofgem, will appoint a new supplier for the customer base, and the account will be transferred over to them.  


Who is my new supplier? 

Shell Energy is the appointed supplier. They will be in contact with you directly to introduce themselves and let you know about your tariff, payments and account log in information. 


How will I know how much I will be paying? 

Don’t worry, Shell Energy will be in contact with you directly to let you know about your tariff and payments. 


I had a credit balance with Homeshift, what happens to my money? 

As part of the SoLR process, Ofgem has sought assurances from Shell Energy that they will honour any account credits. 

Shell Energy officially took over the supply of all live accounts as of 17th October 2021. We are working with Shell Energy to get accounts set up and reconciled.

At Homeshift, we are working to finalise your account, and issue you with a final bill, this will provide you and Shell Energy with a clear picture of your closing balance. 


I had already left Homeshift, and I was owed a refund, what happens next?

We are sorry that we haven’t been able to refund you your credit balance. Please don’t worry, as part of the SoLR process, Shell Energy has assured the regulator that they will honour the account credits. Over the course of the coming weeks, they will contact you to arrange a refund. 


I had a debt with Homeshift, what happens next? 

If you have a payment plan, please continue to make payments as normal. 

If you have an outstanding balance, please make a payment within 7 days of receipt of your bill. Please note, any failure to pay an outstanding balance, or where an alternate repayment schedule has not been arranged, this may result in debt collection activity commencing, which may harm your credit score and impact your ability to access credit from other providers.

I have received a final bill from Homeshift, is this correct? 


If you had a live account at the point we ceased being an energy supplier, we have billed your account up to 16th October 2021. Shell Energy will commence billing you from 17th October 2021. 

If your final bill has a closing credit balance, this credit will be transferred to your new Shell Energy account.  

If there is a balance outstanding, please ensure that your bill is paid within 7 days of receipt. If you do not have a direct debit set up, here are other ways you can pay your account. 


I had a payment plan with CRS, what happens next? 

Please continue to make payments as normal until you have cleared your balance.


I have received my final bill and I think it’s wrong 

We are experiencing high call volumes, where possible, please send us an email to, and we will respond to your query. 


I am struggling to pay my bill. What should I do? 

Please get in touch with us via, a member of our collections team will be in touch to discuss your account. They may need to complete an income and expenditure form and may ask to see evidence of this when arranging a payment plan. 


I haven’t given you a final reading, how have you billed my account? 

As normal, when a meter reading is not received, estimated readings are used to bill your account. These readings will also be shared with Shell Energy, so your account starts and ends on the same reading. 

I had a complaint with Homeshift?

We are sorry that you have had cause to complain. We will work with you to achieve a suitable resolution.


Will I still have access to my old bills?

Yes, you will still have access to your online dashboard. 


I have been calling you, and I have been on hold for a while. 

We are sorry that you haven’t been able to get through. We are currently experiencing high call volumes, where possible, please send us an email to, and we will respond to your query. 


How do I contact Shell Energy?

You can find Shell Energy’s contact details here.

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